–––Capture the Southwest––– August 25-29, 2019

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–––Capture the Southwest––– August 25-29, 2019


Christine Kenyon wants to take you on one of her epic road trips! Christine has traveled the backroads of the U.S. mountain west for more than a decade, capturing award winning images in this amazing region of the world. So are you ready? Start packing your bags for this photo adventure road trip that includes four amazing southwestern destinations, includes Navajo guides, and culminates with a fully-outfitted camping overnighter at White Pocket! Attention has been paid to every detail of this trip, down to the delicious meals that will be served at White Pocket.

Option One: August 25-29, 2019

Fee: $2,495 August 25, 29

Shoot Locations: Bisti Badlands, N.M., Ship Rock, N.M., Monument Valley, UT/AZ, White Pocket, AZ

Number of Participants: A limit of 5 seats total.

Transportation: Will be the sole responsibility of each participant, except for at Monument Valley and White Pocket, where guides will provide transportation within the area.

Hope you join us! Feel free to click here to contact Christine directly with any questions.

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Capture the Southwest

Bisti Badlands, Monument Valley, White Pocket, and Ship Rock
Five days and nights to several of the southwest’s most scenic locations with award winning adventure photographer Christine Kenyon

Join Christine Kenyon on an amazing southwestern photo road trip adventure to four epic destinations for astro and landscape photography. Since this trip is scheduled during monsoon season, there is an opportunity to capture amazing sunrise and sunsets, and beautiful pools of water at White Pocket. We will be traveling during dark skies, and you will be out under the stars each and every night. Navajo guides will lead the way in Bisti Badlands, Ship Rock and Monument Valley. Our White Pocket portion of the trip includes transportation, guiding, and a fully outfitted overnight camp out, with a delicious prepared dinner and breakfast.


Dates: August 25-29 (Sunday-Thursday) OR August 26-29 (Monday-Thursday) (YOU CHOOSE)
Price per person: $2,495 (Five days/four nights) OR $1,995 (four days/three nights) Includes: Expert Navajo Guides for Bisti Badlands and Monument Valley; fully outtted and guided overnight camping trip to White pocket with dinner and breakfast included. Transportation provided for MV & WP.

Bisti Badlands, NM (two nights) OR (one night) select your trip preference
Sunday 8/25

Check in hotel: 3:00 p.m. (La Quinta - Rooms start at $58) Farmington, NM
Meet and greet 3:00-4:00 p.m. at La Quinta
Leave for Bisti trail head in afternoon, TBD (Farmington is 45 minutes from trail head.) (car pool to trail head)
Scouting with Navajo guide; sunset, blue hour, and into the night for prime Milky Way opportunities.
Return to hotel

Monday 8/26
Regroup at lunch: 1:00 p.m. to discuss plans, talk shop
Welcome any new participants opting for the four-day trip at 3:00 p.m.
Leave for Bisti trail head in afternoon, TBD (Farmington is 45 minutes from trail head.) (car pool to trail head)
Same as Sunday (above)
Return to hotel

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, UT (one night)
Tuesday 8/27
Check out 11:00 a.m. Farmington, N.M. LaQuinta
Travel 2 hrs 30 min. to Monument Valley
Gouldings Resort or The View Hotel (check in 3:00 p.m.)–Lunch
Regroup for dinner at The View – TBD
Scout and shoot sunset 7:56 p.m.
Guided Milky Way shoot with Navajo Guide
Return to hotel

White Pocket, AZ (one night)
Wednesday 8/28
Check out 11:00 a.m. Monument Valley
Travel 4 hrs 15 min. to White Pocket, AZ – Lunch TBD
Meet up with guide (TBD)–Scout White Pocket with guide
Hot Dinner
Shoot sunset 7:55 p.m., blue hour and Milky Way
Hit the sack

Thursday 8/29
Rise & shine for a sunrise shoot
Hot Breakfast
Break camp – say our goodbyes – Return to vehicles

What to Expect

You will visit three iconic destinations on this southwest adventure–your chance to explore and photograph mesmerizing landscapes, and other-worldly rock formations. With monsoon season at hand, and dark skies overhead, you may be presented with a unique opportunity to experience conditions at White Pocket ideal for dramatic landscapes and nightscapes, including natural pools of water for amazing reflections.

Christine will set up and demonstrate her star tracker at WP. If you are capable of editing multi-image blends, you may demo the tracker for your own long exposure Milky Way capture. Creativity is encouraged, including stacking, time lapses, longer bulb exposures, and star trails.

Expect light to moderate hikes of several miles in mostly desert environments. You should be in reasonably good physical condition. While trails are not difficult, expect deep sand and rocks.

Topics include

  • Location scouting and planning: The power of apps.

  • Focus stacking, and other technical considerations including bracketing for sunrise and sunset, and using filters, etc.

  • The optimal camera setup: Nail the shot by knowing exposure, histogram, white balance, rule of 500.

  • Focusing in the dark.

  • Low Level Lighting and natural light techniques

  • Dynamic composition: The power of foreground elements, the basics of blue hour foregrounds and blends.

Need to Know

MW Galactic Core visible: 9:30 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. (approximately throughout the trip)
Sunrise: 6:40 a.m. Sunset: 8:00 p.m. (approx.)
Temps: High: upper 80s to 90°F Low: upper 50s

What is included

This workshop is limited to five participants so that you receive individual attention.

A copy of my Capture the Night – A Guide to Nightscape Photography

All locations require light/moderate hiking, but expect sandy or rocky terrain. You should be in reasonably good shape.

What is not included

No manner of transportation and/or lodging is provided between destinations, or for Monument Valley and Bisti Badlands. It is recommended that you lodge in Farmington, NM for Bisti and Ship Rock, Sunday and Monday. The La Quinta is where we will meet. For Monument Valley, The View Hotel and Gouldings Hotel is recommended . PLEASE BOOK YOUR HOTELS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

No food/beverages will be provided, except for the White Pocket overnight.

There is no insurance provided to cover your travel/trip, your gear, or your vehicle. Travel insurance is recommended.

No camera gear is provided.

There is little or no cellphone coverage in the workshop locations.

What to bring

Head lamp, batteries, water bottle or hydration bladder, snacks, sun screen, sunglasses, rain shell, warm layer for cold nights, brimmed hat, sturdy footwear, wicking hiking socks. Long pants help keep sand out of shoes, trekking poles, personal toiletries.

• DSLR or Mirrorless camera
• Wide or ultra-wide lens (i.e., 14-35mm full frame)
• Mid-range zoom 24-105mm
• Telephoto zoom 80-400mm
• Sturdy tripod and head
• Remote shutter release
• Extra batteries, memory cards, cleaner/blower
• Filters: circular polarizer, ND lters

Tents, sleeping, bags, pads pillows, chairs and hot meals will be provided at White Pocket.

So enjoy fellowship with like-minded photographers, and immerse yourself in these amazing natural wonders. Christine’s road trip adventure is designed to fill you with memories, as you fill your memory cards with unforgettable images.

$15 Discount is offered, at time of booking this workshop, for a Skype post processing session, where Christine will work with you, one-on-one, to process your RAW files. $60/hour before discount. The session is recorded, and you will receive a DropBox link to the file for download.

Single and multi-day workshops also offered to Mount Rainier, WA & Colorado in fall